1. How will you value my case?
  2. Do most cases settle out of court?
  3. How do your fees and costs work?
  4. What does my insurer owe me for property damage?
  5. Does the insurer have to give me a rental car?
  6. Do I have to take my car to a shop the insurer recommends?
  7. The insurer said I do not need a lawyer. What can a lawyer do for me?
  8. Who pays my medical bills?
  9. What is subrogation?
  10. Should I take the insurance company's offer to settle early? How do I know if it's a good offer?
  11. Can I sue my employer?
  12. How can I get my wage loss paid?
  13. Should I take pictures of my injuries and/or vehicle?
  14. Should I give the insurance company a recorded statement?
  15. Should I sign medical and employment authorization forms from the insurance company?
  16. If I accept a settlement for property damage, does that mean my case is settled?
  17. How do I know if I have a medical malpractice claim I should pursue?
  18. How long does a lawsuit take from start to finish?
  19. My insurer wants to send me to an independent medical exam. What is it and do I have to go?
  20. How long do I have to pursue my case?
  21. Is there someone I can report my doctor/insurance company to?
  22. Will my case really go to trial on the date it is set?
  23. How long after my case settles can I expect my money?
  24. What do I do if my doctor sends my bill to collections?
  25. What is a deposition?
  26. Do you charge for a consultation of a case?

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